Our Clients

Our most valued clients are our people. We hire people with deep curiosity, a facility with unboxed thinking, and a love for creating delightful experiences for both our company and our clients.

We provide services on:

  • Training, Motivational Speaking,
  • Promotions Companies.
  • 501 (3)(c) Non-Profit
  • Collection Agencies
  • Travel Agencies
  • Nutra and Healthcare


1. Client's Information Verification

Securing accurate and correct set of client information (Name, Phone Number, Address, Email Address, and Credit card information).

2. Follow-up calls

Conducting follow-up calls to clients regarding payment due date/s. This process allows us to verify if each payment has been authorized.

3. Payment arrangement letter: HelloSign Contract

We use HelloSign to send out payment arrangement letters and secure client authorization. These letters, containing payment due dates, are sent via email.

4. Call verification

After the agent transfers the call to us, we verify all information that the client has provided. Before proceeding with the call, customers are informed that the conversation will be recorded for the security of both parties. A letter regarding the payment arrangement will be provided for the client's records and shall be signed and returned before any further step is taken.


5. Payment process

We use our own payment gateway to process payments. Doing this would mean ensuring that each and every payment is verified. For clients that have yet to settle their dues, we need to know if they are aware of or have authorized the payment. This is to reduce the risk of chargebacks. We will send a receipt of the payment via email.


1. Client's Information Verification

We call the clients to verify their purchase and ensure that there is an accurate and correct set of client information (Name, Phone Number, Address, Email Address, and Credit card information).


2. 7 to 10 days follow up call.

We do a follow up call to confirm if the product was received.


3. 30-Days follow up call.

We perform a client satisfaction survey (via phone call) after 30 days.

4. Nutritional Supplements Verification
We verify and validate products that the client purchased.

5. Payment process

We are NOT processing payments with our merchant account. We will have access to the customer’s merchant account via gateway.


6. Text message verification and Email confirmation

We perform verification and confirmation procedures through text message and email. This is used as a secondary measure to prevent chargebacks.

Let's join together!

We’re a group of passionate and highly trained individuals that are equipped with great customer service skills and knowledge to address our client’s needs. We are flexible and adaptable to give quality service and address the concerns or inquiries of our client’s customers.